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Feldkirch - a medieval gem right in the four-country corner!

Feldkirch is located in the heart of Europe - in the border triangle of Austria , Germany , Switzerland and Liechtenstein - and is characterized by an almost ideal geographic location in the outmost west of Austria.

The city is not only in the streets but also in rail transport an important transport hub as Feldkirch is the last station on the journey from east to west before the Swiss border. This fact it owes its great importance since immemorial time. For this reason, trains of all kinds stop here: the Orient Express, Euro City , Intercity , Interregional and Regional trains of course.

Feldkirch is measured in terms of population with 31,269 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) the second largest city in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and also the capital of the prefecture of the same name . It is the seat of many institutions, which is why it is also called "secret capital". Since 1968 Feldkirch is diocesan town and episcopal see, and since the founding of the Vorarlberg University of Education in 2007 also University City.


The name Feldkirichun in the Rhaetian kingdom land register - a list owned by 842 AD - was derived from one of these churches in the field and originally referred to the settlement of today's Old Town. The name Feldkirch (Veldkiricha, Veldkirchia and other spellings) was built by the Count Hugo I. of Montfort the "Schattenburg" was then applied to the south, near the River Ill, newly emerged and rapidly growing settlement at the foot and the original Feldkirch, although still village, gradually stop stat, later called the Old city.

Is first mentioned in 1218 as the city's new Feldkirch. The last Count of Feldkirch line of Montfort, Rudolf IV († 1390), was first appointed many years canon and provost in Chur and only after a late, childless marriage to the government. He sold in 1375 town and estate Feldkirch Duke Leopold III. of Habsburg, whose governors in 1379 finally moved into Feldkirch.



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Directions by car Vienna - Hotel Bären

Vienna - Salzburg - Innsbruck over the "German Corner" to the Arlberg . Through the Arlberg tunnel or if the weather is fine over the Arlberg Pass Bludenz / Vorarlberg. Exit Feldkirch / Frastanz . At the end of the exit turn right in the direction of Feldkirch. Pass the "Schattenburg" tunnel, and you are directly at the "Bären crossing". Ther you see already our hotel in front of you . Take the middle lane towards " tunnel" . Turn right before the tunnel. You are now "behind" the Hotel Bären at the entrance to our parking garage.

Please find yourself a parking possibility and come by walking to the main entrance - we are already waiting for you at the reception. Take advantage of our parking garage for fair € 10.00 per parking space/night because it relieves you of the usual parking worries . Our underground parking is directly linked to the hotel via elevator to the hotel.

From Tyrol:
A14 - exit Feldkirch/Frastanz

From Germany:
A14 - exit Feldkirch Nord

From CH/FL:
Border crossing Schaanwald / Feldkirch- Tisis - federal road B190

If you travel by train: Hauptbahnhof Feldkirch
Take the stairs to the main entrance of the train station - please do not go directly from the platform towards the city center. At the main door of the railway station go straight ahead towards the mainroad. Cross the street there and contiue walking to the left. After app. 300 meters you will be at the entrance of our hotel. The walking time is 8-10 minutes.

Nearest Airports:
Altenrhein St. Gallen , CH : Distance : 40 km, about 30 minutes driving time
Zurich , CH : Distance: 124 km, about 90 minutes driving time
Friedrichshafen , D : Distance: 69 km, about 50 minutes driving time
Innsbruck - Tirol , A : Distance: 154 km , about 150 minutes drive



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